We have invested careful thought in partnering with sponsors who echo our sentiments of encouraging fine talent on social media. We along with our sponsors aim to structure the Social Media Awards 2018 as a means of ushering in many more such talented and skilled individuals onto the most penetrating platform in today’s day and age. While some of our sponsors are engaged with a particular award category, some others have worked more closely with us across the entire bandwidth of the awards ceremony.

We have engaged various partners in our journey who have been instrumental in helping us get this far. Our partners will provide us with the perfect platform to put together an event that is going to be nothing short of spectacular. They will support us through all our logistical requirements effortlessly. And ensure we get the necessary attention and coverage by splashing our event across all relevant and trending platforms. We are thankful to everyone for all collective efforts in organising and hosting this extra spectacular event in Nigeria. Welcome to the Social Media Awards 2018 #engagetoinspire.